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People convicted of drug crimes make up almost 20 percent of Maryland state prisons. Drug crimes include possession of illegal substances, distribution of illegal substances, and manufacturing of illegal substances. If you have been charged with one of these crimes, immediately contact a drug lawyer Rockville, MD relies on to seek council.

Possession or Intent to Sell

There are two categories of drug possession law in the state of Maryland: possession for personal use, and possession with the attempt to distribute. Drug laws are constantly changing and evolving which is why seeking council from a drug lawyer Rockville, MD trusts is of the highest importance. Possession for personal use is categorized as a far less serious crime than that of intent to distribute, however it is nothing to take lightly. The nature of the crime can be escalated to a more severe charge if any new evidence is uncovered. If you are charged with possession you should immediately seek council from a drug lawyer Rockville, MD prosecutors respect such as Daniel J. Wright. He can formulate a defense strategy that offers you the best possible outcome.

Factors Taken into Account in a Drug Charge

When you are charged with a drug crime, a number of factors may come into play. A drug lawyer Rockville, MD relies on can be able to explain to you in detail how prosecutors often escalate the charges as they find more evidence. Possession factors include:

  • Quantity and location of drugs found
  • Items that may indicate intent to sell such as a scale or baggies
  • A law enforcement witness of a transfer of possession of the drugs
  • A large amount of cash found in the vehicle or home, or on the accused’s person

Understanding Search and Seizure Laws

Search and seizure laws are very important when it comes to protecting the rights of American citizens. The Fourth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution states that all citizens are protected against unlawful searches, but when applied in the modern world, this amendment can become very complicated. This is why it’s important to rely on the guidance of a drug lawyer Rockville, MD locals recommend from our firm. Because unlawful police searches could potentially affect nearly any kind of criminal case, we think this is a valuable topic to discuss with our clients. No matter the nature of your legal issue, it’s important to understand your rights as an American citizen. As a drug lawyer Rockville, MD residents choose due to his wealth of knowledge, Daniel J. Wright can address your questions and concerns.

Protection Against Unlawful Search and Seizure

The Fourth Amendment defines an unlawful search or seizure of property as that which is “unreasonable.” It states that “reasonable” searches by law enforcement agents are lawful even when they do not have a warrant. Determining what is “reasonable” is at the crux of whether a search is legal without a warrant. In most cases, the law enforcement agents will have to prove that they had probable cause to believe that they would find evidence of a crime in a specific place, and that the circumstances justified conducting the search without obtaining a warrant first. A drug lawyer Rockville, MD individuals hire who are accused of a crime may be able to prove that the search was illegal. That can result in the prosecutor dropping all charges.

This protection applies to all of your property — your home, your car, your bank documents, and even your phone. Without a warrant and without probable cause, law enforcement agents are not legally allowed to search these items. There are, however, specific exceptions to this rule. For example, when high school students store items in their lockers, the school typically argues that the lockers do not belong to the students and therefore a locker may be searched without probable cause.

One major exception to search and seizure protection is often called the “plain view” exception. This states that if police officers see evidence or contraband items in plain view, and if those officers have the legal right to be in that location, they may also have the right to seize the items or conduct a search of that area. For example, if a police officer pulls over a driver and sees drug paraphernalia on the passenger’s seat, the police officer may have the legal right to search the vehicle for drugs. If found, the drugs could be confiscated and could be evidence toward a criminal charge.

Search Warrants

Search warrants are documents signed by judges or police officers that authorize law enforcement agents to conduct a search. The warrant must specify the place where the search will take place, and it must also list the materials that they are searching for. Although the location of the search is typically very specific (such as an address or a room within a building), the materials listed tend to be more vague (such as “anything with a possible connection to the aforementioned crime”). Individuals are required to allow searches when law enforcement agents present a warrant for a search. However, an experienced Rockville, MD drug lawyer might argue later that the officers did not have probable cause and therefore the search was unreasonable and unlawful.

Search and seizure laws are intended to protect American citizens, but it’s clear that these laws are very complex and can have many loopholes. It’s imperative that you choose a drug lawyer in Rockville, MD who has a thorough understanding of these laws.

Drug Manufacturing

There are very specific and intricate laws surrounding protocol to surveillance. A drug lawyer Rockville, MD relies on to know the ins and outs of the court system may be able to help you discern whether or not your rights were violated in the surveillance or search of your home or person. In the case of a wrongful search or surveillance attempt, charges may be dropped.

If you are facing drug charges of any kind it is in your best interests to call a drug lawyer Rockville, MD relies on right away. Drug laws are detailed and intricate and a misstep on the side of law enforcement could possibly get your charges dropped. Finding a Rockville drug lawyer you can trusts to fight for your best interests is the important first step once charges are filled so that you can be prepared before you face the threat of escalating charges. Call Daniel J. Wright at 240-650-6206 for a consultation if you need a drug lawyer Rockville, MD offers.