Have Felony Charges Threatened Your Liberties And Livelihood?



DRUG CRIMES LAWYERFacing a drug possession charge is a very serious offense. For those who are being threatened by the possibility of high penalties and/or jail time, you may want to consider seeking a drug crimes lawyer at the Law Office of Daniel Wright to represent you during your trial. We understand that a drug case should be handled in a discreet and sensitive manner.

A drug charge has the unfortunate potential to dramatically affect or completely ruin the life of the accused. Your reputation, time with family, finances and future may be on the line. We can defend you by doing a thorough investigation of how law enforcement conducted their behavior at the time of your arrest.

We opened our law firm many years ago to fight for the rights of our community members and have handled various defense cases very similar to yours. We strive to keep your life in order to the fullest extent possible as we navigate your legal process. You may be feeling discouraged and desperate for help. We work tirelessly to ensure the best outcome possible under your circumstances for you and your loved ones.

There are many aspects of your case we may investigate, depending on the type of drug you are accused of possessing.

Tactics that May Have Been Used Against You Unlawfully:

–   Wiretaps

–   Informers

–   Entrapment

–   Forfeiture

–   Illegal Arrest

–   Misconduct by Law Enforcement

–   Illegal Seizure & Search

–   Improper Obtaining of Search Warrant

Common Drug Possession Cases:

–   Marijuana (Medicinal)

–   Steroids

–   Ketamine/Khat

–   Narcotics

–   Methamphetamine

–   Heroin

–   Ecstasy/Molly/E

–   Drug Manufacturing Equipment

–   Sales of Drugs

–   Marijuana Plant Cultivation & Growing

–   Crack/Cocaine

In some circumstances, law enforcement may attempt to keep your property during search of your home or office. These things may include your vehicle, finances, bank account information or item, and claim these were earned through drug dealing efforts. By choosing a drug crimes attorney at the Law Office of Daniel Wright, we can work to get your belongings back when they were wrongly removed.

If you admit to us that you do have a drug addiction and want help, we can refer you to effective and kind professionals who work at drug program facilities. In the court system, drug programs sometimes may be substituted for having to serve jail time. With the help of a drug possession attorney at the Law Office of Daniel Wright, we can strive to get you the help you need.

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